Fallen Angel

Cailynn Diane Szabo | January 9th | ♑ | 17 |
Hi i'm Cailynn. I am a girl. I live in New York. I am a cis female and prefer feminine pronouns (she, her). I spend most of my time online reading fanfics, watching videos, and tumblring.
I like to read and write and sometimes draw (but i suck at it). I like to cosplay. I love to play Assassin's Creed and other video games when my systems aren't being assholes.
I tend to be a little obsessive. Mainly over fictional characters/pairings. I'm also pretty shy and suck at starting convorsations/talking to or meeting new people. So please talk to me even though i will be shy and awkward at first.
I love Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, most Marvel movies, Hetalia, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Homestuck and more. Netflix is the best! ^^ I am a HUGE Destiel/ UsUk shipper.

My dog. (Max, also known as Buddy boy)