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Cailynn Diane Szabo | January 9th | ♑ | 17 |
Hi i'm Cailynn. I am a girl. I live in New York. I am whatever the hell I wanna be. I spend most of my time online reading fanfics, watching videos, and tumblring.
I like to read and write and sometimes draw (but i suck at it). I like to cosplay. I love to play Assassin's Creed and other video games when my systems aren't being assholes.
I tend to be a little obsessive. Mainly over fictional characters/pairings. I'm also pretty shy and suck at starting convorsations/talking to or meeting new people. So please talk to me even though i will be shy and awkward at first.
I love Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, most Marvel movies, Hetalia, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Homestuck and more. Netflix is the best! ^^ I am a HUGE Destiel/ UsUk shipper.


 Agent Coulson is down

#gif warning #avengers #okay but why does nOBODY EVER TALK ABOUT THE GENERATION GAP #come on guys this is the MOST INTERESTING THING #look if steve had lived through the war he would have been part of that post-wwii generation #imagine steve in the 60S GUYS #you think he would have put up with those young folks disrespecting those soldiers and his country by protesting the war? HECK NO #remember that scene at the beginning of ca:tfa where he tells off that guy in the movie theater? THAT WOULD BE STEVE IN THE 60S #and tony is in his 40s!! tony is gen x! tony is NOT EVEN A BOOMER #tony is TOO YOUNG TO BE A BABY BOOMER tony is YOUNGER THAN OUR PARENTS #tony doesn’t know what it’s like to live in a country that’s in total war! tony doesn’t know what it’s like for loyalty to your country t… #to be something that almost everyone has! #look guys we make fun of america ALL THE TIME we mock patriotism and nationalism and the usa CON STANT LY #when steve hears the word soldier he equates it with the word hero #and when tony hears the word soldier he hears an insult. #because steve’s war is wwii #and tony’s wars are vietnam and iraq and afghanistan and tony knows that when america fights wars it is not necessarily the good guy! #and steve cannot even BEGIN to comprehend that #steve barely knows what WATERGATE is for god’s sake steve probably still trusts the government #steve doesn’t know about jfk conspiracy theories! steve doesn’t know about the patriot act #(and let me remind you that in 616 canon steve actually fought a war to bring down the expy!patriot act) #god america has grown up SO MUCH since steve’s day #americans are sarcastic and cynical and plugged into the media 24/7 #americans depricate themselves constantly americans hate america more than anybody else does #pearl harbor turned america into a unified force for change in the world; 9/11 turned america into something paranoid and bitter #steve no longer represents america #he represents what america wishes it had ever been #and tony? tony understands the usa a whole lot better than steve does and he knows it and steve never will #and tony understands how war can destroy and steve only understands how it can save #holy christ why would you write porn when you could write about that

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The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.




does anybody else think tired and sleepy mean two totally different things

sleepy is cute and dozing off and happy but tired is 10 cups of coffee and murder


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iron man 2 + colors red & blue

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not just a madman with a box

but also a guardian angel

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Now, that’s ice.

It is incredibile how their whole relationship with Elsa can be summarized by a few seconds in which each one of them stare at her ice palace for the first time.

  • Reverence and respect from Kristoff
  • Happiness, amazement and endearment (like “I fucking knew since forever my sister was freaking amazing, I’m not surprised that much”) from Anna
  • Fear, warning and astonishment from Hans.

this fucking movie, jfc.

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